2024 4th International Conference on Public Art and Human Development (ICPAHD 2024)


2021 International Conference on Public Art and Human Development  ( ICPAHD 2021)

came to a successful conclusion

2021 International Conference on Public Art and Human Development (ICPAHD  2021)was held  online on December 25, 2021. Thanks to the support of experts and scholars! Attendees discussed  Public Art  and  Human Development related areas with four  keynote speakers and six oral speakers.

Part One:  Keynote Speeches

First, Prof. Rami Khalil,  from Sichuan International Studies University, made his keynote speech, the title of his speech is: From Urban Aesthetics to Urban Landscape Sustainability: nature-based solutions for restoration and rehabilitation of urban ecosystems.


Then, before the second speaker, we took  screenshots of all participants. 


Next,  Prof.Asad Khalil,Southwest University of Political Science and Law, made his keynote speech, the title of his speech is: Innovation in China.


Prof. Zulqarnain Baloch, Kunming University of Science and technology, China, the title of her speech is: One health: Alleviate the social crisis caused by antibiotic abuse


The fourth keynote speaker A. Prof. Mingjian Zhu,South China University of Technology, China, the title of his speech is: Environmental Design for Adaptation to Climate Change and Rapid Urbanization


Part Two:  Oral Presentations

1.Lei Sun, Jiangnan, from University, China 

Title: Community public art design practice from an eco-aesthetic perspective


2.Zijia Guo, from Shenzhen College of International Education, China

Title: A review of Social and Cultural Causes of Hikikomori: Collectivism in Japan 


3.Shuyuan Liu, from York University, Canada

Title: Effectiveness of Personalized Virtual Reality with Game Components Behavioral Intervention on Smoking Cession


4. Shitong Sun, from Beijing Normal University–Hong Kong Baptist University United International College, China

Title: The Production and Consumption of Anti-Japanese Narratives in Mainland China: from Political Approach to Cultural Approach


5. Yue Yin, from China University Of Geosciences, China

Title: Are Sexual Double standards Related To the Sex Ratio In the Environment?


6.Huiqi Xu, Guangdong Guangya High School, China

Title: Attachment Theory: Effect of early attachment on psychological development


Part Three:  Poster Presentation

Shi Shen, The University of Sydney, Australia

Title: The contradiction and balance between cultural value and economic valuein cultural policy: Taking the "Creative State" of Victoria, Australia as an example