2024 4th International Conference on Public Art and Human Development (ICPAHD 2024)

Call For Papers

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Public Art
Human Development

1. Decorate the base

2. Sculpture foundation

3. Materials and technology

4. Architectural and environmental design

5. Spatial form design

6. Display design

7. Public landscape design

8. Landscape architecture design

9. Design of public facilities

10. Environmental sculpture

11. Murals and reliefs

12. Digital graphics processing

13. Public administration

14. Changes in public governance

15. Public services

1. Health transmission

2. Mental health

3. Development of people's livelihood

4. Green environment

5. Health management

6. Health emergency system

7. Humanistic quality

8. Sociology 

9. Human history

10. Humanistic care

11. Humanitarian

12. The aesthetic

13. Cultural inheritance and development

14. Ethical education

*Manuscripts reviewed by experts from the conference organizing committee will be accepted and published on conference proceedings. The published papers will then be submitted to CPCI and CNKI for indexing. Authors are assured of quick and accurate indexing.