2024 4th International Conference on Public Art and Human Development (ICPAHD 2024)


2024 4th International Conference on Public Art and Human Development (ICPAHD 2024) will be held from December 27-29, 2024 at Chengdu, China

2024 4th International Conference on Public Art and Human Development (ICPAHD 2024) aims to continue the dynamic conversations initiated by its predecessors. Set against the backdrop of an ever-evolving global cultural landscape, the conference underscores the significance of public art as a powerful tool for social and human development. The confluence of art, space, and community offers a unique lens through which we can examine societal progress and collective well-being.

ICPAHD 2024 seeks to bring together scholars, artists, policymakers, and activists to explore the transformative potential of public art. The conference aims to foster interdisciplinary dialogues, share innovative practices, and challenge existing paradigms. By doing so, it intends to shed light on how public art can contribute to social cohesion, cultural identity, and human development.

The conference will address a broad spectrum of themes, including but not limited to 

Public Art and Community Engagement: Exploring how public art projects foster community participation and collective identity.

Submission System



Important Dates

Full Paper Submission Date

September 1, 2024

Registration Deadline

October 1, 2024

Final Paper Submission Date

October 27, 2024

Conference Dates

December 27-29, 2024

Urban Spaces and Human Development: Investigating the impact of art on urban revitalization and sustainable development.

Cultural Policy and Public Art: Examining the role of policy in shaping artistic landscapes and cultural narratives.

New Media and Public Art: Analyzing the integration of digital technologies in public art installations and their societal impact.

2021 International Conference on Public Art and Human Development (ICPAHD  2021) was successfully held on December 24-26, 2021 online. 

The 2nd International Academic Conference on public art and human development (ICPAHD 2022) was successfully held on December 23-25, 2022 online.

2023 3rd International Conference on Public Art and Human Development (ICPAHD 2023) was successfully held in Tianjin, China from December 22 to 24, 2023



Call For Papers

Topics of interest include but are not limited to

Public Art

1. Decorate the base

2. Sculpture foundation

3. Materials and technology

4. Architectural and environmental design

5. Spatial form design

6. Display design

7. Public landscape design

8. Landscape architecture design

9. Design of public facilities

10. Environmental sculpture

11. Murals and reliefs

12. Digital graphics processing

13. Public administration

14. Changes in public governance

15. Public services

Human Development

1. Health transmission

2. Mental health

3. Development of people's livelihood

4. Green environment

5. Health management

6. Health emergency system

7. Humanistic quality

8. Sociology 

9. Human history

10. Humanistic care

11. Humanitarian

12. The aesthetic

13. Cultural inheritance and development

14. Ethical education


All papers, both invited and contributed, will be reviewed by two or three experts from the committees. After a careful reviewing process, all accepted papers of ICPAHD 2024 will be published in conference proceedings, and submitted to CPCI and CNKI for indexing

ICPAHD 2023丨Published LinkCNKI(will be indexed soon)

ICPAHD 2022丨Published LinkCNKI

ICPAHD 2021丨Published LinkCNKI


December 27, 2024


December 28, 2024

Speeches of Keynote Speakers + Oral Presentations

December 29, 2024

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